About Corporate Concierge Solutions

Corporate Concierge Solutions is a highly experienced, confidential, knowledgeable virtual administrative assistant, personal assistant, and companion care company that specializes in being your expert problem solver, providing proven, professional services with first-class results.

Administrative and Personal Solutions

Our 25+ year-history working with top business leaders from Fortune 500 companies gives us the confidence to firmly stand behind our work product.  We pride ourselves on anticipating our client’s needs, staying ahead of project timelines and going the extra mile with our exceptional style, understanding, and skill.

Corporate Concierge Solutions takes care of you, our client.  Excelling in: domestic, global, or private aircraft travel, meeting and event planning, marketing consulting, PowerPoint presentations, advanced Excel spreadsheets, coordinating international video and telephone conference calls navigating through the world’s time zones, and document preparation.  We oversee our client’s calendar management, website, and social media accounts.

With the spotlight on our clients, Corporate Concierge Solutions concentrates on doing the “heavy lifting” on tasks on which our clients would spend valuable time, thus restricting their ability to build their business, increase their productivity, and maximize their effectiveness.

As your personal assistant, we specialize in doing the everyday tasks that you prefer just not to do. Being at home for the cable person, taking your car in for maintenance, shopping, errands, home organization, bill paying, mail management, whatever is on your wish list. We handle everything always keeping in mind your level of comfort, style, and personal concerns.

Companion Care Solutions

As your loved one’s companion care, we know the stress of someone that lives miles away.  We’ll make sure that the companion’s are a perfect fit.  Whether it’s driving someone to the grocery store, programming all the techie things around the home, stopping by for a friendly chat or assisting with rebates, internet support, or getting them to the right airline terminal, Corporate Concierge Solutions treats your family as our family, with compassion, kindness, and peace of mind.

Hiring Corporate Concierge Solutions unloads our clients all of their support overhead: salary; bonus; health, dental, and vision benefits; 401K; paid time off; and vacation, therefore, increasing their bottom line.

  • We are a 24/7 hour company that fills our clients support needs through a predefined management process by:
  • Staying close in the beginning of a project to ensure that objectives and success measurements are well understood, that the approach makes sense, and accountability is clarified;
  • Staying in communication with our clients with progress tracking and reporting; and
  • Regular status reviews, guaranteeing our relationship develops and that we are meeting our client’s expectations.
  • Corporate Concierge Solutions is insured and bonded...  and at your service!