Personal Care Solutions

Your Concierge Solutions for the Not so Everyday Things

We all run into those not so everyday things we need to do, let Corporate Concierge Solutions do those for you, making your life effortless.

We will set the timer to turn your lights on and off, program the television to turn off, change the batteries in your smoke alarm, and set those buttons on your car radio to your favorite stations!

Daylight Savings Time? Corporate Concierge Solutions will reset your microwave clocks, alarms, your personal watches, even reset your thermostat so that your air conditioning/heat comes on at the right time.

Safe and Friendly Transportation  . . . .Especially if you don’t like driving at night, in the snow, or rain.

  • Bank
  • Grocery Store
  • Church/Synagogue
  • Library
  • Movies
  • Gym
  • Sporting Events
  • Lectures/Civic Functions
  • Voting or Civil Duty
  • Any kind of shopping!

We lend a keen helping hand with:

  • Maintaining medical schedules
  • Meal planning or preparation
  • Light cleaning
  • Changing bed linens... lifting those mattresses can be heavy!
  • Checking quality and quantity of food: expiration dates on food in the refrigerator
  • Reminders for appointments and special family dates
  • Bill paying services
  • Programming cell phones and... all other techie things around the house!
  • Mail management
  • Recreational activities such as taking walks, playing games, reading, and puzzles... or just a friendly visit.