Travel Management

Airline Tickets
  • Ticket price comparison
  • Purchase of airline ticket
  • Set-up airline email/text notifications of arrival/departure time changes or gate change
  • Secure premium/preferred seating of choice
  • If connecting, confirm legal transfer time
  • Set-up of electronic boarding passes to PDA
  • Printing of boarding pass, if desired
  • Special meal(s) ordered, if requested

Ground Transfers
  • Transport confirmed via your choice, between airport, home, hotel, meeting location(s), client dinners, etc. on all legs of trip
  • Rental car confirmed

  • Detailed or nondetailed as desired
  • Back-up flights for all flights departing/arriving for day of travel encompassing all airlines
  • Electronic input onto executive calendar or PDA
  • Destination information: points of interest, restaurants, weather, etc., if desired

Private Charter
  • Price comparison analysis
  • Capacity/size/safety record of aircraft submitted to executive
  • Small airport research
  • Ordering food/beverage for charter
  • Confirmation of tail # and flight plan with regional control tower
  • Hotel price comparison
  • Floor/room request submitted

Visas/ Passports
  • Preparation of paperwork for new /renewal of passports
  • Knowledge of adding additional pages to US passports
  • Attain business/tourist visas if necessary
  • Notification of immunizations to select countries, if needed
  • Notice to executive if travel cannot be done when departing country A  to country B to reroute itinerary
  • Expert working with Non-US passports

International Medical Concierge Services
  • List of English speaking doctors/dentists at destination
  • Emergency English speaking telephone numbers
  • Emergency words phonetically translated to English
  • Travel insurance, if desired
Travel Point Reward Management
  • Tracking of all airline, hotel, rental car points
  • Excel snapshot for executive to have knowldedge of reward points, free rooms etc.
  • Electronic applications for all preferred hotels, airlines, rental car companies submitted on behalf of executive