Home Services

Lifestyle Solutions
  • Set-up and organize home office files
  • Mail management
  • Kitchen organization
  • Closet organization – seasonal wardrobe change
  • Organize and download lost manuals for everything in the home
  • Childproof home
  • Audit magazine renewals subscriptions
  • Organize sports leagues, i.e. bowling, golf, tennis
  • Customized packing lists for summer/winter/weekend homes
  • Create shopping lists for meal planning

Banking Solutions
  • Bill paying services – electronic/hard copy
  • Screen charity requests
  • Rebate requirement completions
  • Tax deductible receipt organization
  • Coupon maintenance/expiration dates
  • Track cell phone/Internet carrier for upgrades and service changes

Pick-up and Delivery Solutions

  • Grocery shopping
  • Dry cleaning
  • Prescription renewal
  • Vehicle maintenance
Index Solutions
  • Catalog/photograph valuables for insurance
  • Photo scanning and memorabilia saving
  • Inventory hobby collections
  • Organize video collections
Problem Solving Solutions
  • Negotiates solutions with vendors
  • Deals with disputes
  • Eliminate telemarketing calls
  • Liaison with home vendors –cable/plumber/electrician/carpenter
  • Gather/present home improvement estimates
  • Manage repair/construction projects
  • Internet research